Camp Elim is owned and operated by the Baptist Churches of the Midcoast region and has been operating since 1959. Elim was purchased to become an essential part of the Church’s ministry. The 1st Convention of the Mid North Coast Baptist Association was held at ‘The Palms’ on the ‘shores of Lake Wallace’ from the 27th to 30th March 1959.

From that time onward, Camp Elim has been a place for Christian groups to come and hear the great news of Jesus through talks, relationships, and through recreational activities. Groups that are not religious, public schools and holidaymakers are also regular visitors to Camp Elim, and we do our best to make sure they feel welcome. As a result, we are able to cater for a broad selection of groups and people.

Camp Elim runs it’s booking system prioritising catered groups, followed by self-catered groups, and then holidaymakers. This is why catered groups can book in 1 year in advance, self-catered 6 months and holidaymakers 4 weeks. It is not your standard Caravan Park.

Camp Elim also aims to run its own outreach events during the year, and is keen to partner with other Christian organisations to run outreach events for our local area.

⇅ Connect with God
⇄ Connect with others

Camp Elim’s primary purpose is to help people Connect with God, and secondary, to Connect with each other.

We aim to help groups Connect with God by:

  • Providing good meeting spaces where the word of God can be preached
  • Providing good breakout rooms for discussion groups and Bible studies
  • Providing an environment where people can escape the distractions of the world and appreciate God’s good creation
  • Providing activities with Christian content.

We aim to help groups Connect with each other by:

  • Providing quality meals that people can enjoy together
  • Providing activities that build self-confidence and relationships
  • Providing accommodation and facilities that promote positive interactions between guests.

We hope that you are able to appreciate our mission and find Elim a warm and friendly place to visit.