Group Activities

Adventure Tower

With 7 different climbs, the adventure tower caters for a variety of climbing skills from beginner to advanced.

Giant Swing

A great activity for challenging people to overcome their fear of heights and push themselves to go higher, or even upside down (older kids and adults).


Learn how to fire an arrow using a bow. A great chance to try a new skill and see improvement over the session.


Canoes are a great way to encourage kids to work together. We have a few options when it comes to canoes. Just hire the fleet and self-instruct, or choose to develop caning skills in the shallow water close to shore, or go on a flat water expedition around Snake Island.

Stand-Up Paddle Board

You may choose either a self-instructed or instructed option. SUPs are lots of fun for kids to develop their motor and balancing skills.

Raft Making

This is usually offered as a self-instructed activity. We provide you with all the materials and some basic instructions, and the rest is up to the children to work in a team together to create the rafts.

Team Building

Lake Volleyball

Table Tennis

Half-Court Basketball

Frisbee Golf

Beach Games

Lake Swim

Bush Walk

Local Offsite Activities

Giant sand dune at 1 Mile Beach
Giant sand dune at 1 Mile Beach