Getaway Leaders Info

Why Be a Getaway Leader

Thanks for taking the time to check out why you should become a getaway leader.


  • Children are sponsored to attend by the Lions club
  • Activities and leaders are sponsored by local churches, individuals and Camp Elim
  • This camp is held  for 1 week over the April and just over 1 week over the October school holidays
  • This camp has been running for around 25 years
  • This is a great opportunity to make a difference in the life of kids from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • You will learn how to use the Bible to teach important life skills to kids

Who can be a leader:

  • Anyone who is keen to use the Bible to make a difference in kids lives
  • People of all ages are great to have on the team. Younger leaders will usually spend a lot of time with the kids, while older leaders will usually play more of a support role.
  • Different ages relate differently to the children, so it is great to have a diverse team. We don’t want a team with just young people, or a team with just old people. All ages are valuable.
  • Families may even decide to come on mission together. One adult must be on team the whole time. Children from the family may choose to participate in the activities with the lions club kids if they are in year 4-9. Older children from the family may help leaders out. Family members who are not leaders will need to pay discounted camp rates – contact Elim to find out the cost.

Arrive Time: Friday from 5.30pm, Dinner 6pm, Training 7pm

Depart Time: 12pm Friday (there is an option to check out Saturday 10am)

Application forms:
April 2023 Application Forms
September 2023 Application Forms

Upcoming Getaways

  • Friday 14th – Friday 21st April 2023
  • Friday 22nd – Friday 29th September 2023

Why be involved?

Make a difference

Spending just one week with the kids can change their lives. Two testimonials about campers who have gone to Getaway camps in the past are: “You have achieved in a week what I have been trying to do for years with that child” and “From the bottom 10% academically to the top 10% within a term of going to camp”

Although you may not think you can make a difference, just spending time with the campers can be life changing for them.

Develop your skills and others

Many opportunities are presented for you to develop your own skills along with teaching others, particularly in the area of leadership. Throughout the week there will be many challenges and opportunities for you to develop and grow. Not only that, but if you have a particular skill, such as soccer, then you may even be able to share it with others as you spend time with them.

Learn to Lead

Getaway provides specialised onsite training for all our leaders. The training covers how to build relationships with campers and how to use the Christ centred relational leadership model effectively. Leadership development is an important focus and there are a number of different roles for leaders at different stages in their development. If you don’t know the first thing about leading then we have a Leader In Training program that will give you the tools to be a leader.

Not only that, but all new leaders are placed with more experienced leaders so that they can get the hang of leading without being thrown into the deep end.


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